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Heuristix offers high-powered and dynamic solutions with the help of our latest refined tools and techniques pertaining to Ruby on Rails (Capistrano, Unicorn, Passenger, and others) for your everyday enterprise requirements. We hone our tech skills to drive sales, increase the scalability of your business products, reduce the marketing time, and most of all-make your business stand out among your competitors..

Our dedicated team of leading experts -who are highly qualified in Ruby on Rails-will put in all the hard work to ensure a swift and safe delivery of futuristic enterprise software solutions to you.

Custom ROR Development

We provide ERP, CRM, CMS, HRM, and any other web solution you can ever need to implement faster and competitive RoR software technologies, for any of the basic startups to enterprise-level web applications.

MVP Startup Development

If you want to reach the level of a wholly operative company, you need our MVP integration key techniques for prompt marketing, greater user interface, frequent updates, and feasible adoption to change.

Optimization And Maintenance

We stick with you through every thick and thin. We are available 24/7 at your beck and call, and definitely not till the project completion only. Any continual updates and maintenance for the stable and error-free environment will be provided at minimum cost, as per your requirements.

Code Audit

For any data breaches, security violations and bug infestation in your system, Heuristix offer deep code audit analysis to nip any software vulnerability before it even surfaces. We guarantee you a reliable, scalable and well-maintained web application.


Areas of Expertise

We are well versed with multiple areas and frameworks to build effective, versatile web applications

Database Backend Solutions

With a plethora of active databases in ourtechnology stack, we integrate powerful frameworks to provide best RoR backend development. We also leverage Active Record in MVC paradigm for Convention over Configuration and Object Rational Mapping.

Applications Of Every Niche

Be it a small startup oran extended enterprise system, we opt for delivering high-end applications in every field and niche. From business applications (for streamlining varied business processes) to entertainment apps (augmented with Gosu and G3DRuby for enhanced and interfacedgraphics), we have it all.

Third Party Integration

By letting the API calls remain outside the response flow, we dig deep in the code to grease the performance of the software. We also render the use of Roby’s gems to the maximum by integrating API and SOAP in your applications for agile key-products. Furthermore, we implement Active Model Serializers to ensure the swift output delivery.

Social Networking Solutions

With the help of Social Engine, PHPFox, Drupal, Zend, and various third-party portals, our feature-rich solutions grease the way for online audience participation via social context tools and network integration.


Benefits Of ROR Development

Ruby is a reflective and dynamic language that power Rails framework. Having websites like Fiverr, Soundcloud, Slideshare, and whatnot under its belt, RoR promises to deliver easy solutions for complex problems.

Initiation & Planning

Project specification analysis, test plan elaboration and team assignment

First Review

Initial testing of first development deliverables, refining the test plan

Iteration Audits

Ongoing testing of intermediate iterations builds

Final Verification

Final product testing to ensure bespoke quality and readiness for deployment


PHP Showcase

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Pure Islamic

web-and-mobile: Expo,ROR / React Native,Ruby

TI Storage

web-application: ROR / Ruby


Why Us

We, at Heuristix, have a huge talent pool of professional engineers specialized in RoR. We can help you with

Compared to our rival companies, we have a very manageable price quote listing.

We integrate UX/UI practices into the web products for attractive layouts and the best customer experience.

We are strong advocates of Agile Manifesto and are always on board with customer collaboration.

We not only remain with you till the development. We’ll see the project to production, launch and even post-release maintenance.

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