Our Methodology

At Heuristix, our methodology is centered at a result driven approach. Our goal is to come up with services and products that are not only efficient in terms of user interface but are cost effective as well. We are always dedicated to growand adopt the latest development protocols to ensure that our processes include every approach ranging from Waterfall model to Agile development approach. Thus we strive to deliver faster and meet customer expectations to the best of our capabilities.

  • Comprehensive and effective project and process management
  • Detailed requirement analysis
  • Guarenteed high quality
  • Knowledge based foundation
  • Rapid development and continous delivery
  • Hassle-free Communication

Delivering Multi Site, Multi Vendor Projects with Mixed Teams

Open communication channels that bridge the gaps between our team and the clients.

An all-rounder approach thus managing all aspects of software development cycles such as requirements, change and assets, testing, coding, etc.

We are experts at what we do, as we ensure neither overlaps nor conflicting delivery terms.

Distributed Scrum Models

isolate scrumb

Isolated Scrums

Teams are spread across different locations, where they may or may not be using Agile.

Scrum of scrums

Distributed Scrum of Scrums

The isolated scrums are connected via regularly arranged Scrum-of-Scrums meetings, which are arranged across different locations.

integrated scrums

Integrated Scrums

Not only the teams, but the scrum team members are also spread across different locations.


Quality Management

Heuristix takes Quality Management very seriously. Wehave incorporated a Quality Management System (QMS) that is based on complex engineering and managerial activities that ensure matchless quality of delivered software throughout the entire workflow and development process.

QA that is Weaved into Development Lifecycle

Initiation & Planning

Project specification analysis, test plan elaboration and team assignment

First Review

Initial testing of first development deliverables, refining the test plan

Iteration Audits

Ongoing testing of intermediate iterations builds

Final Verification

Final product testing to ensure bespoke quality and readiness for deployment


Engagement Models

We have a broad spectrum of engagement options to choose from. Thus you may pick one that best suit your business needs and enables you to make use of external expertise benefits, budget management and detecting and dealing with potential risks.

Not only this but we also offer customization for engagement models to satisfy your needs in a better and effective manner.

Project Based Engagement

We opt for project-based engagement model for the one-off/pilot project with well-defined requirements and deliverables. Through this engagement model, the Heuristix team will be able to execute your model in a comprehensive manner.

Dedicated Development Team

We ensure that our customers get all the support and help they may need. Our dedicated team services are at your disposal for in-house development resources. The teams include all the necessary members, equipment and infrastructure based on your requirements.

SLA Based Approach

The SLA-driven model is the best option in terms of long-term projects where the requirements and specifications are clearly established. At Heuristix, we will take complete responsibility that the service management as well as the agreed SLAs will be abided by.


Business Continuity

Heuristix aims to ensure business continuity by going for a comprehensive, thoughtful process.


We make use of Email2SMS enabled mobile phones so that the customers can be taken on board throughout the development and testing process. Hence the customer is informed and updated about all the progress.

Computing Environment

We have arranged an environment where the servers operate on standard operating systems and security protocols are spread throughout the entire infrastructure. The goal of this setup is to keep a regular check on modifications and changes.

Network Services Reliability

We have deployed reliable failover capabilities for main network services, such as development, mail, DNS, internet access, and active directory servers. Two servers are deployed specifically for backup; thus ensuring mail service retention and stability.

Disaster Recovery

To deal with loss of data in case of a disaster, we replicate the data on multiple systems at both data centers and remote data centers.

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