Transformation of Smartphones with AI – Characteristics & Execution

smartphones with artificial intelligence

In this fast growing era of modern technologies and smartphones, we are looking for more digital features ahead in future. Technology is changing and growing rapidly, as you can now see AI (Artificial Intelligence) focused software and hardware in many smartphones these days. These phones include Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Pixel Phones and Huawei’s Mate Line for example. Such smartphones are using AI technology in efficient ways from photography and imaging to security and power efficiency. AI works with Mobile Phones Apps.

Nowadays people who are using smartphones are depending more on virtual assistants like Google Assistant to increase their mobile experiences. This exceptional voice-powered AI is making it quite quick and easy to get access a huge number of services as well as information on your phones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly making its way onto the smartphones and might become a primary feature on mobile devices in 2018.


By utilizing your voice into a smartphone, you can become a friend with your smartphone, as you can ask it to read the news headlines, write a text message or forecast weather for you. Furthermore, your smartphone can identify a song playing in the background and much more. In simple words, all I can say is that we are going to see machine learning (a computer system that learns from user’s experience without any program) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more advanced.

There are two dominant trends that aim to take machine learning and AI to next level of success in 2018 such as:

  1. Integration of dedicated AI processors into the smartphone hardware platforms: it will allow mobile phones to handle processing of all AI-related tasks like voice recognition and image more efficient and quick. It will enable smartphones to chump machine learning algorithms as well as will complete critical tasks without internet. For instance: an AI-powered App Bixby will allow you to translate writing or will provide you information regarding any book by capturing the book’s picture in real time.
  2. Advanced tools that will make it easier for the software developers to implant machine learning and AI into their applications: It will be able to use such tools to create the algorithms that let their apps learn and adapt behaviors. The latest Android version Oreo includes an exceptional application programming interface (API) that assists developers to take benefit of AI hardware to perform machine learning and AI tasks.

According to Gartner“80% of smartphones will be equipped with on-device AI capabilities by 2022, up from less than 10% right now.”

Below mentioned are some of the Advantages of Artificial Intelligence, included features and functionality that will be encountered in the future.

Improved Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

In the future, AI will play an integral role in unlocking AR (Augmented Reality). It is a technology that captures world via mobile device camera as well as puts a digital overlay on images and videos. For instance, Google is bringing Google Assistant and Google Lens AR technology together.

Improved Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Your Photography’s Serving Hand

Machine learning and AI’s latest features will help anyone take photos like a pro in future. As an example, it will become quite common for the AI to assist you to adjust the photography settings accordingly to the camera’s frame subject, be it a landscape, a night scene dinner image of your selfie. It will moreover do touch-ups for you in clicks like enriching the facial features.

Smartphones will become Smarter

The virtual assistants will become more proactive and digital in future by organizing your device and life altogether. The smartphones might learn to switch to silent before you go to bed at 10 pm, turn all notifications on when you are ready for work at 7 am, and turn on the Bluetooth when you get into the car around 7:30 am. Moreover, it also tracks when and how you use apps, indicating your fitness monitor when you leave the gym at 5:30 pm. Hence, your smartphones will automate several tasks according to your behavior by monitoring it.

Smartphones will become Smarter

Accurate & Responsive Biometric Recognition

Enhanced AI will make facial and voice recognition features smoother and faster. You can unlock your phone with your facial or voice recognition. Hence, no need to remember passcodes or pins anymore.


We will sum up this study with Gartner’s view on the potential of AI in future. “Future AI capabilities will allow smartphones to learn, plan and solve problems for users. This isn’t just about making the smartphone smarter, but providing a more advanced user experience and reducing users’ cognitive load.

It’s an initial stage of AI, but it will change our lives for the better in next few years, as the Smartphone Apps Development will become more digital and advanced.