Five Impressive Marketing Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

Five Impressive Marketing Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

Do you know that the total number of mobile apps being downloaded last year was 178.1 billion, and it is expected to reach 258.2 billion by 2022? Wouldn’t you love to contribute in these numbers through your business app? Well, I know for a fact that to establish your business enterprise, you need a splendid and fool-proof digital marketing, mobile applications play an essential part. Just like Tomi Ahonen, a speaker and consultant have said,

“Mobile is the enabling centrepiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence.”

Getting your business app done is an endeavour, but promoting it through effective and efficient marketing can prove to be even more of an arduous job.

How To Increase Mobile App Downloads?

You have your business application ready in hand. It’s completely responsive on every device and has a bombastic and best possible design. In short, the app is ready for grabs in app stores. Now the trickier part begins. You have to convince the target audience to use your app amongst a humongous choice of 3.8 million apps in Google Play for androids and 2 million in Apple app store.

How To Increase Mobile App Downloads

The question is how you can convince users to download your app? When an average mobile user downloads absolutely zero app in a month, it is going to be like an almost impossible task. Well, almost is the keyword! Because there are some definite and warrantable ways you can deploy to acquire a faithful following. Remember that the techniques applicable in both stores are almost similar; the only difference pertaining to it is in these techniques’ implantation process.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)

Let’s start right from the first thing where your app appears and that’s the app store. A good ranking can guarantee more exposure to the target audience. This can be achieved through ASO, which is quite similar to SEO. Many of the strategies applied in SEO can benefit in ASO too.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

  1. KEYWORD TARGETING: Adding keywords to the app name, title, and URL, according to its type is the first step in optimization. According to a report, apps with appropriate keywords rank 10.3% higher than those with none. Both Android and iOS allows a set of keywords for search engines. A thorough analysis of the most used keywords is must, though.
  2. DEEP LINKING: Using a resource identifier that can link the app to a particular location, rather than just launching it can also help with better ASO.
  3. APP RATINGS AND REVIEWS: Neglecting customer’s opinion is an amateur mistake. Whatever work and money you have put in app development will be reflected through these ratings and reviews. According to Bright Local, 91% of users read these review and 84% of them even tend to believe these reviews, as they would of any friend’s. The best and cheapest form of advertisement it is!
  4. APP DESCRIPTION AND SCREENSHOTS: Although it doesn’t directly affect raking or ASO, they give an insight of your app to the users and help convince them to download it. A well-structured description stating all the main features and any of the worth-mentioning accolades can give an overview of the app in words, for better understanding. Another way is to add screenshots that show the main functions of apps and can help with easy navigation.
  5. GOOGLE APP INDEXING: Another way indexing app to the Google search engine. Through Google app listings, the apps can be accessed with simple clicks on your androids, iOS, and tablets.
  • Digital Marketing

Regularly updated and quick responding social media accounts can help you amp your app downloads. Facebook -having 50 million small businesses already using it to connect to the users- is the best way for this mode of marketing. Other portals include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Furthermore, the addition of social components to the application can help users in sharing app information, and results and achievement with their friends on social media. This can also help with hitting in a larger audience.

Digital Marketing

A website made exclusively for app promotion and for technical support can also pave your way for more downloads. Though, keep in mind that this website doesn’t refer to the web version of the mobile app.

  • Cost Per Install Campaigning

Cost per install is as simple as it sounds; a particular cost is charged with every download. But now, how would it help in download increase?

Cost per Install Campaigning

At first, you can start with a freely available app during the launch. This can bring in a lot more customers who want to have a taste. Later, you can change it to a paid model and apply for CPI. CPI renders digital ads to be placed across media without having the brand to put in money. They will be charged a fixed rate only when the app is downloaded.

  • Visual Features

An attractive logo that is a clear representation of your main function, can work as an eye-catcher. With a simple- yet enticing, professional, and unique logo, users can be intrigued to open the app -just like click bait.

App Visual Features

As a user, there would be nothing like getting a video overview of an app in just 30 seconds, and short descriptive videos can provide just that.

  • App Localization

If you want to reach out the foreign market, you need app localization. In the top 10 countries’ list of most app downloads, 50% of countries are non-English speaking countries.

By app localization, we mean translating app and all of its content in the native language of the country you intend to propagate to. A proven fact is that through app localization downloads increases rapidly in the intended country.

Final Word

Selling your product is one of the crafty jobs that need to be handled with the right amount of delicacy and slyness. Right marketing strategies can help you earn way more than you invested. This the case of app downloads too.

We have told you the ways, now what are waiting for!